List of courses

The group is involved in the following courses:

EE1G1 Introduction to Electrical Engineering (5 EC)

Introduction to Electrical Engineering (EE) and the EE BSc programme at TU Delft

EE1L11 EPO-1: Booming Bass (5 EC)

Build, analyze and characterize a sound system consisting of a power source, amplifier and 3-way filters

EE1P1 Electricity and Magnetism (5 EC)

Basic theory of electricity and magnetism

EE3120TU Guided and wireless EM transfer (5 EC)

Fundamentals of Electromagnetics, Transmission Lines, Antennas

EE3345TU Introduction to Physics of Electronics (1 EC)

(not running) A brief overview of introductory material in electromagnetics (EM) and quantum mechanics (QM), which forms the basis for later courses in the Minor of Physics of Electronics.

EE3350TU Introduction to Radio Astronomy (3 EC)

(not running) Introduction to the science and technology of radio astronomy

EE3360TU Transmission Lines (4 EC)

(not running)

EE3385TU Phased Steering System (5 EC)

(not running) 5G and AutoRadar

EE3P11 Electromagnetics (5 EC)

An introduction to electromagnetic fields and waves

EE4510 Advanced electromagnetics (5 EC)

Analysis of wireless links and transmission lines

EE4595 Wavefield imaging (5 EC)

Advanced linear and nonlinear wavefield imaging and inversion methods with applications in geophysics, biomedical imaging, and optics

EE4620 Spectral domain methods in electromagnetics (4 EC)

Antenna Imaging, Antennas in reception, Fourier Optics, Connected Array Antennas, Artificial dielectric materials

EE4650 Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (5 EC)

Principles of MRI starting from basic EM

EE4725 Quasi optical systems (4 EC)

Green's function of stratified media, spectral domain analysis of printed antennas, periodic structures, quasi optics

EE4730 High frequency wireless architectures (3 EC)

EE4745 Superconducting astronomical instrumentation (5 EC)

Astronomical instrumentation using superconducting detectors

EE4C05 Electromagnetics (5 EC)

Basic introduction to the fundamental concepts of the Electromagnetics (EM)

ET-Mi-201 Minor “Electronics for Robotics” (30 EC)

An entry-level acquaintance with the electronics that make robots operate, from principles to hands-on realisation