List of courses

The group is involved in the following courses:

AP3701 Submm and terahertz physics and applications (3 EC)

Time-domain spectroscopy and applications, antennas, terahertz detectors and sources, THz space applications

EE1C11 Linear Circuits A (5 EC)

Circuit theory course for first year EE students, Part 1

EE1C21 Linear Circuits B (5 EC)

Circuit theory course for first year EE students, Part 2

EE1L11 EPO-1: De Beukende Bas (5 EC)

Bouwen, analyseren en karakteriseren van een geluidsinstallatie bestaande uit een voeding, versterker en 3-weg luidsprekersysteem

EE1P21 Electricity and Magnetism (5 EC)

Course developing a basic understanding of the theory of electricity and magnetism

EE3330TU Guiding & Radiating Structures (4 EC)

Fundamentals of Electromagnetics, Transmission Lines, Antennas

EE3P11 Electromagnetics (5 EC)

An introduction to electromagnetic fields and waves

EE4510 Advanced electromagnetics (5 EC)

Analysis of wireless links and transmission lines

EE4580 Quasi optical systems (4 EC)

Green's function of stratified media, spectral domain analysis of printed antennas, periodic structures, quasi optics

EE4630 Spectral Domain Methods in Electromagnetics (4 EC)

Antenna Imaging, Antennas in reception, Fourier Optics, Connected Array Antennas, Artificial dielectric materials

EE4C05 Electromagnetics (5 EC)

ET3033TU Circuit analysis (3 EC)

Linear electrical circuits and components, non-linear active components in both the analog and the digital domain

ET4385 Introduction to telecommunications and sensing systems (2 EC)

(not running) Overview of the various challenges in the field and introduction to the research groups