The Terahertz Sensing group focuses on research and education in the fields of applied electromagnetics, antennas, optics and sensor systems for space.

NEW: List of M.Sc. Thesis Projects offered by the TS group (2020-2021)

The group embraces the following subgroups, each related to a research theme:

Quasi-Optical Systems

Lens antenna arrays for THz coherent cameras

Experimental Astronomy

Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors, instrumentation and detector development

Advanced Antenna Architectures

Phased arrays, wideband and non-dispersive antennas, electromagnetic band-gap structures, and Terahertz integrated antennas.

Top level education and top level research condition each other. The TS group participates in the Electrical Engineering BSc curriculum and two MSc tracks: MSc Wireless Communication and Sensing, MSc Microelectronics.