Astronomical Instrumentation

Contact: Jochem Baselmans

The European Research Council has awarded SRON researcher Jochem Baselmans, visiting professor of the Tera Hertz Sensing group (2.4 million euros), a prestigious research grants for independent groundbreaking research. Baselmans will develop a revolutionary instrument to measure the redshift of submillimeter galaxies, distant galaxies that are responsible for the cosmic infrared background radiation.

Baselmans has been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant that enables top researchers to consolidate their independent research program and/or research group. With this funding instrument the ERC wants to strengthen new excellent research. Baselmans can use this European grant to appoint new and highly promising researchers over the next five years.

Projects under this theme

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Redshift instrument simultaneously measures 25 galaxies

Kinetic Inductance Detectors: a new imaging technology for observations in and from space

Imaging arrays of kinetic inductance detectors for space-based astronomical and earth observation applications

DESHIMA (Deep Spectroscopic High-redshift Mapper)

Superconducting On-chip Spectrometer for Probing the Cosmic History of Star Formation

MSc students