MSc thesis project proposal

Characterization and Design of a Cryogenic Receiver in 40nm CMOS for Superconducting Qubits Readout (Already taken)

This project aims at cryogenic characterization and design of the RF front-end of a readout chain in 40-nm CMOS technology, which can be eventually used in the complete readout chain of the superconducting qubits. During the first phase of the project, an LNA (tuned to 6~8 GHz) followed by the downconversion chain should be measured at the room as well as 4K. This part provides the unique opportunity of studying the 40nm CMOS RF noise behavior in such extreme operating temperatures. During the second phases, the RF front-end performance should be improved, or alternative circuit topologies should be proposed and implemented in 40-nm CMOS to be able to meet a noise temperature requirement of below 5 K, at 4 K operating temperature. Eventually, the designed RF front-end would be integrated into a single chip with the rest of the readout chain, consisting of a parametric amplifier and the baseband ADCs.


dr. Masoud Babaie

Electronic Circuits and Architectures Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2019-02-18