MSc thesis project proposal

Co-design of Digitally-Controlled Oscillator and Divider for IoT Applications (Dialog)

Project outside the university

Dialog Semiconductor
The task of this master project is to find out and implement the optimal solution (power/noise/robustness) for DCO+DIV co-design in CMOS technology. The assignment can be divided into a few tasks:

1- Study new DCO topology like transformer-based or class-F to boost driving capability.

2- Study new DIV topology suitable in new technology node.

3- Study available DCO+DIV solutions and come out with a new proposal.

4- Circuits design and simulation.

5- Tape-out and measurement if schedule allows.

6- Documentation or even publication.

• This project comes with a student stipend!


dr. Masoud Babaie

Electronic Circuits and Architectures Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2019-01-24