MSc thesis project proposal

Smart Sensor Shorts for Soccer and Hockey

Muscle injuries constitute more than a third of all time-loss injuries in soccer and field hockey. An important cause of this type of injuries is the high muscle stress during explosive actions like sprinting, directional changes, jumping and kicking. However, the currently available monitoring systems are not able to measure these explosive actions accurately on the field.


Therefore, we want to develop smart sensor shorts with integrated inertial measurement units that can track these explosive actions on the field. In collaboration with the Dutch Football Association (KNVB), Dutch Hockey Association (KNHB), and human movement scientists (VU and RUG), we will develop these sensor shorts and an application that will provide feedback to the coach and physical trainer. Your role in this project will be to design the electronic system of these smart sensor shorts and to develop a prototype that will be used to track the movements of professional soccer players. You will be working closely together with the other researchers at the KNVB campus in Zeist to perform on the field measurements.
The main challenges are:
  • Design of an electronic sensor node
  • Filtering and wireless transmission of the kinematic data
  • Building a user-friendly prototype
  • Performing real life measurements


prof.dr. Paddy French

Bioelectronics Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2018-06-19