MSc thesis project proposal

Predicting possible infections of a patient with mobile thermal imaging technology

In collaboration with a startup in the medical field and as a small sub-project, we would like to monitor patient body temperature and predict possible infections or diseases by means of mobile thermal imaging technology.


The students will create a system that monitors patient’s body temperature by means of thermal imaging technology.
The real-time images are transferred via the internet/intranet to the backend of our system and the live streaming of the camera must be available on a multiplatform front-end application.
You will be advising the best mobile thermal camera for this solution supporting specific requirements. You are being challenged to detect whether the patient is going to have infections or a certain disease and send his/her predicted status to the doctors or caretakers via an alert system.
The data transfer (thermal images) must be secured and compressed. The data storage and post-processing of the thermal images will be done at the backend of our system. The images and their results must be accessible per patient based on their time stamps stored in the database.
The final code needs also to be portable to another embedded Linux with less/limited amount of time/effort.


prof.dr. Paddy French

Bioelectronics Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2018-04-23