MSc thesis project proposal

Capacitive Microsensor for Soot Monitoring

Project outside the university

Ford Research, Michigan, USA
Conventional Electrostatic soot sensors are fabricated on ceramic substrates as interdigitated finger structures (IDT). The electric field is only at the surface of the sensor and therefore they lack sensitivity since most of the soot does not reach the field and passes the sensor. In our approach the exhaust gas passes through the sensors finger structure, which is a free-standing MEMS IDT structure. Using this principle we expect a much smaller sensor with a much higher sensitivity.


Research on the electrical and mechanical design of different geometries of the structures in SOI technology using a commerial MEMS foundry. Setting up a fabrication process for these sensors and fabrication of prototypes in the EKL cleanroom of the TU-Delft. Cooperation with Ford Research, Michigan, USA


Interest in sensor systems in general and in microsystem technology and fabrication. Testing and characterization of new prototypes, during internship at Ford Research Labs. Dearborn, MI, USA.

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Electronic Instrumentation Group

Department of Microelectronics

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