MSc thesis project proposal

Industrial Thin Film Eddy-current Sensor

Project outside the university

Delft Measurement Systems
For the vacuum metallising industry it is important to monitor the optical and electrical properties of the deposited coating inside the vacuum machine. Their interest to combine the optical and resistivity monitor on the same measurement beam. It is therefore useful to measure on line the deposited film resistivity by transmission. The range of resistivities varies between mohm/square up to several kohm/square. The project is in close collaboration with a small company, Delft Measurement Systems, specialized in the design and development of measurement systems for mainly industrial applications. We offer a challenging project for an MSc student interested in measurement techniques and circuit design.


The main challenges to maximise the measurement range at least to 1:10, preferably 1:50, with an error less than ±0.5%. Operation in a working vacuum coater introduces in many additional challenges for such a measurement system: Effects of temperature variations and pressure variations Variation of the position of the film between the transmitter and receiver Maximum dimensions of the sensor 100x100x50 mm3 External (electromagnetical) disturbances.


Innovator; analogue electronics; simulating circuits including sensitivity analysis; designing and building pcbs; practical experience with measuring techniques and building prototypes.

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