3D Elements For Phased Array Systems (3D-Antenna)

Themes: Phased Arrays

The goal is to develop 3D antenna elements for phased arrays with integrated filtering solutions and suitable pattern shaping.
The aim of this Ph.D. project is to develop a novel radiating element for a wide field-of-view, high efficiency phased array antenna with integrated filtering solutions and suitable pattern shaping, which on one hand is compatible with a modular front-end architecture, and on the other hand allows maintaining low the recurring costs and manufacturing complexity. For this purpose the applicability of novel technologies that allow for a 3D development of the antenna element will be investigated.

Project data

Researchers: Daniele Cavallo, Andrea Neto, Cristina Yepes
Starting date: September 2015
Closing date: September 2019
Funding: 260 kE; related to group 260 kE
Sponsor: TNO
Partners: TNO
Contact: Daniele Cavallo