Sub-THz Antennas for Next Generation Automotive Radars (STANGAR)

Themes: Applied Electromagnetics, Phased Arrays, Quasi-Optical Systems

Research towards the next generation of car radar systems at 140 GHz

This is a research project of collaboration between the Tera-Hertz Sensing (TS) Group of the Micro Electronics Department of TU Delft and NXP Semi-conductors. The general topic of collaboration is in the development of high frequency (front-ends for next generation automotive sensing systems. Specifically the TS  group will leverage its experience in the design of Advanced Antenna Architectures and Quasi Optics to propose innovative solutions to increase the resolution of the mentioned front-ends. The activity will involve the design and demonstration of dielectric lens antenna arrays in combination with wide angle scanning planar arrays, both for long range detections and for medium and close detections. We will also investigate the potentials of using the same high frequency front-ends for communication purposes.

Project data

Researchers: Nuria Llombart, Daniele Cavallo, Andrea Neto, Jinglin Geng, Ashwita Nair, Nina Beschoor Plug, Maria Alonso-delPino
Starting date: September 2022
Closing date: October 2026
Funding: 500 kE; related to group 500 kE
Sponsor: NXP
Partners: NXP
Contact: Nuria Llombart