Geometrical Optics / Fourier Optics Tool for Analyzing Quasi-optical Components (GO/FO)

Quasi-optical (QO) components are commonly used in complex sensing and imaging systems operating at (sub)-mm wavelength. These QO components lead to generation of highly directive beams. Here a freely accessible graphical user interface (GUI) to analyze QO systems in reception and their coupling to antenna elements is provided. This tool employs Fourier Optics (FO) and Geometrical Optics (GO) based methods. Specifically, the FO method represents the field focalized by a QO component on its focal plane as a Plane Wave Spectrum (PWS) when the component is illuminated by an incident plane wave. This PWS is related to the field scattered by the QO component which is calculated here using a GO method. By using this spectral representation of the scattered field, the tool estimates the power received by an antenna placed at the focal plane of the QO component. The GUI can plot the efficiency and directivity patterns of the antenna-coupled QO system.

The MATLAB app version of the GUI is developed and can be downloaded here.

The theory used in this software-tool is described in the paper submitted for The 13th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, held in Krakow, Poland, on April 2019 [1] and more in detail described in the MSc-thesis of Huasheng Zhang. which can be found here in the repository of Delft University of Technology.

Download MATLAB app Version

[1] Huasheng Zhang, Shahab Oddin Dabironezare, Giorgio Carluccio, Andrea Neto, Nuria Llombart, "A GO/FO Tool for Analyzing Quasi-Optical Systems in Reception," EuCAP, Krakow, Poland, April 2019.

Project data

Researchers: Nuria Llombart, Shahab Oddin Dabironezare, Huasheng Zhang
Starting date: September 2019
Closing date: September 2030
Contact: Nuria Llombart