Analytical Tool for Artificial Dielectric Layers (ADL GUI)

A graphical user interface for the analysis of artificial dielectric layers

ADLs are versatile structure that are exploitable for enhancing the performance of integrated antennas. A graphical user interface (GUI) that implements the analytical solutions for the ADLs can be an aid in the design process. The GUI implements all the analytical solutions that have been developed in the THz Sensing Group, with the aim of rendering the analysis and the design as user friendly as possible.

The beta version of the GUI that is developed and can be downloaded here. The GUI takes the structure geometries as input and gives the effective parameters as output. It provides the permittivity and permeability as tensors and the square of refractive index plot over the angle (incidence angle or angle in ADL).

The tangent deltas are also shown. The user also has a choice of giving information about tolerances of the geometrical input.

Download Beta Version

Project data

Researchers: Cantika Felita, Daniele Cavallo
Starting date: September 2016
Closing date: September 2017
Contact: Daniele Cavallo