THz laser lab

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Contact person: Prof. Andrea Neto

Photoconductives Antennas

Photoconductive antennas are antennas printed on a semiconductor substrate that can generate THz radiation, providing large bandwidth in the THz regime and enabling a broad variety of applications for THz technology.

We use the optical laser (250mW @ 780nm and 500mW @ 1560nm) to optically excited LT-GaAs and emit THz radiation. Our devices are currently emitting ~1mW of power between 100 and 600 GHz.

Contact person: Prof. Andrea Neto

THz Time Domain Spectroscopy

The TERA K15 terahertz spectrometer system includes a dual femtosecond laser source at 780 nm and 1.5 μm emission wavelength, either fiber-coupled or free space with delay line, a THz wave path with THz emitter and THz detector. The delay line offers flexibility by covering a standard scan window of >850 ps enabling a high spectral (THz) resolution below 1.2 GHz.