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Signal Processing Seminar

Bastiaan Kleijn

Bastiaan is going to present his recent research.


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2017 Symposium on Information Theory and Signal Processing in the Benelux

Seminar autonomous driving

Leo de Vreede, Alexander Yarovoy, Cicero Vaucher, Riender Happee, Dariu Gravila, Rossiza Gourova, Joris Domhof

Autonomous driving

Multiple presentations on atonomous driving: automotive radars, autonomous driving, human factors on autonomous driving.

Signal Processing Seminar

Jiani Liu

Signal Processing Seminar

Rob Remis

Signal Processing Seminar

Jamal Amini

Jamal is going to present his recent research.

PhD thesis defence Yao Liu

Yao Liu

Analysis and Design of Low-Power Receivers: Exploiting Non-50-Ohm Antenna Impedance and Phase-Only Quantization

Reducing the power consumption of low-power short-range receivers is of critical importance for biomedical and Internet-of-Things applications. Two interesting degrees of freedom (or properties) that have not been fully exploited in the pursuit of low power consumption are the antenna impedance and the phase-only modulation property of FSK/PSK signals. This dissertation explores the possibility of reducing the power consumption of the receiver by utilizing these two degrees of freedom.

Signal Processing Seminar

Millad Sardarabadi

Millad is going to present his recent research.


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