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Denk de koffiezet aan

Telepathisch communiceren: leuk idee of haalbare kaart? Artikel in De Standaard, met bijdragen van Dirk de Ridder en Wouter Serdijn

Hebben wij het eeuwige leven?

Artikel in De Telegraaf, d. 29 juli 2017, van Wouter van Bergen, over transhumanisme en de rol van technologie. Met daarin een interview met Wouter Serdijn (TU Delft/Bioelectronics).

NWO Take-Off Grant for organ-on-a-chip development

PhD candidates Cinzia Silvestri, William Quiros Solano and Nikolas Gaio from the ECTM Group (start-up Biond ) and Ronald Dekker have successfully applied for a NWO Take-Off Grant (Phase 1) for organ-on-a-chip development

Winner Internet of Things Pitch: Sjoerd Bosma

On July 5th 2017 The Micro-electronics Department organized an Internet of Things pitch session druing which staff and students could present an idea in two minutes. Eventually ten ideas were pitched followed by the yearly summer drinks.

Scientific serminar on radar technology

On July 6 the MS3 group organised an inspiring scientific seminar on radar technology in honor of Prof Francois le Chevalier.

BSc Group at ELCA awarded with IEEE Best High Tech Start-up Business Plan

At the Bachelor Electrical Engineering Graduation Grand Finale held on 7 July 2017, the six-student group formed by Bilal Bouazzata, Laurens Buijs, Jun Feng, Martijn Hoogelander, Alexander Louwerse and Niels van der Kolk received the IEEE Best High Tech Start-up Business Plan on the topic of their graduation project at ELCA.

PhD thesis Carbon nanotube based solutions for on-chip thermal management

Congratulations to Cinzia Silvestri for her PhD thesis defence on the 7th of July 2017

Five papers Michiel Pertijs' group on IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS)

At the coming IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS), five papers will be presented that are (co)authored by the Ultrasound ASICs group supervised by Michiel Pertijs. IUS is IEEE’s primary forum for medical and industrial ultrasound research, and will be held in Washington in September.

Samprajani Rout's ISCAS 2017 paper among top papers of the conference

ISCAS 2017 paper No. 1849, entitled “Structured Electronic Design of High-Pass ΣΔ Converters and Their Application to Cardiac Signal Acquisition” has been selected (from 1000+ papers in total) as one of the top contributions to the conference and an extended version of the paper has been invited for the TBioCAS Special Issue on ISCAS 2017. Authors of the paper are Samprajani Rout and Wouter Serdijn (Section Bioelectronics)

NWO Take-Off Grant (Phase 1) for Ide Swager and Menno Gravemaker (Momo Medical) and Wouter Serdijn (Section Bioelectronics)

With their project proposal, entitled "Improving pressure ulcer prevention with smart mobility monitoring in healthcare institutions", they will take pressure ulcer prevention and MoMo Medical to the next level.



MSc ME Thesis Presentation

Michel van der Kaay

High Density Flexible Interconnect for Minimally Invasive Medical Instruments

Jiying Dai

CSI-EPT: Towards Practical Implementation

The information of electrical properties of biological tissues within human body can be useful information for diagnosis, tissue characterization, hyperthermia treatment planning and MR safety control. Contrast Source Inversion Electrical Properties Tomography (CSI-EPT) is an MR base imaging modality, which reconstructs the electrical properties of the object. However, this method has not been implemented in practice due to the following issues: 1) The exact transmit phase, which is a necessary input of regular CSI-EPT algorithm, is not available from MR acquisitions. 2) The incident field, another input of CSI-EPT reconstruction, cannot be measured directly. 3) The reconstruction loses sensitivity at those regions with low electrical fields. 4) The sufficiency of the two-dimensional configuration, which has been used in most published results as an approximation


Wouter Serdijn

Getting Better with Electroceuticals – electronic medicine to the rescue

Wouter Serdijn will give a keynote at the 23th European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design, Sept. 4-6, 2017, in Catania, Italy


MEMS dead-line

PhD Thesis Defence

Guangjun Lu

Solid State Lighting Color Shift

PhD Thesis Defence

Bo Sun

The Lifetime Prediction of LED Drivers and Lamps